Secularization and the Woes of Conservative Churches

The conventional wisdom (at least among many religious conservatives) is that conservative churches, with their uncompromising stances on moral issues, are growing and vibrant, while liberal mainline churches that capitulated to “the world” are shrinking. However, the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

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Liturgical Churches and Millenials

A common meme among conservotrads and traditionalists is that millenials who were raised in “traditional” parishes are keeping the proverbial faith, while young people who were raised in “Novus Ordo” parishes are leaving Catholicism for Protestantism, atheism, or who knows what else. A variation on this theme is that “traditional” liturgical churches are gaining more millenial converts, while liberal mainline churches wither and die. As a member of one of those “traditional” parishes for three years and a former convert, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on these propositions.

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