In the Closet

We constantly hear in the Catholic media how the Catholic church has a “compassionate” stance towards LGBT people and doesn’t advocate violence against them (we’ll just ignore for the moment how the Ugandan Catholic church was instrumental in advocating for the infamous “kill the gays” bill several years back). Yesterday, I found these astonishing quotes from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI when he was Joseph Ratzinger that put these views into greater context:

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Charity vs Solidarity

Note: Parts of this originally appeared as posts on the Bilgrimage blog.

I recently finished Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz’s book on mujerista theology in which she said that solidarity needs to replace charity as the pinnacle of Christian virtues and I heartily agree. Last year, I wrote about how the word “uncharitable” is misused by conservotrads (, and now I’m going to write about why charity falls short as a virtue.

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The LGBT Elephant in the Room at the World Meeting of Families

You’ve probably heard already about the token gay man, Ron Belgau (white, middle class, and ostensibly celibate, natch), who will be representing LGBT Catholics at the upcoming World Meeting of Families, and if you haven’t here’s the link:

As per the article, Belgau and his mother is going to lead a session on “Homosexuality in the Family.”

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Why People Are Angry About Joshgate 2.0

Earlier today, I was on the Wartburg Watch site, reading the comments for a post on the fallout from Joshgate 2.0:

The Wartburg Watch takes a critical look at the trends in evangelical and fundamentalist Protestantism, particularly in the Southern Baptist world. Nonetheless, many of the commenters were complaining about how Josh Duggar was being unfairly demonized for having an Ashley Madison account, when there are liberals out there doing the same thing, without anyone complaining about it. While I’m sure there are people all across the political spectrum cheating on their significant others, there’s a very good reason why Josh Duggar in particular is being raked across the proverbial coals.

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Can you hate and love at the same time?

Guest post from Myristic Mystic:
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some “conservative” say, “hate the sin but love the sinner,” though over the last few years that seems to be less common, for some reason (perhaps it was judged to be a double-edged sword by the right wing think tanks).  This is the kind of abstract statement that is highly problematic, because it can prompt unstable minds to do terrible things.  And who concluded that one can love and hate at the same time, in the same context?  This suggests a poor understanding of human psychology (if not a deliberate attempt to prompt atrocious behavior).

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“Resistance” is futile – or is it, Mr. Huckabee?

Guest post by Myristic Mystic:

After the SCOTUS decision which strikes down the ability of states to ban marriage between members of the same gender, Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee stated:
“The Supreme Court has spoken with a very divided voice on something only the Supreme Being can do-redefine marriage. I will not acquiesce to an imperial court any more than our Founders acquiesced to an imperial British monarch. We must resist and reject judicial tyranny, not retreat.”

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