The Benedict Option Again

I’ve been rather busy these last couple of months, so I only just saw this predictably apocalyptic column from Rod Dreher that came out after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling:

I’ve discussed the absurdity of the Benedict Option before, so I won’t rehash those arguments. Instead, I’ll focus on Dreher’s belief that these isolated “Benedict communities” will one day spring forth and take back civilization once us decadent secularists foul everything up.

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Bad Christian Art

This past weekend, an awards show took place in Hollywood bestowing honors and awards on those movies that were so richly deserving of being recognized for their artistic contributions. I speak, of course, of the Golden Raspberry Awards, the “anti-Oscar” ceremony for bad movies. In a move that surprised no one whose been paying even the slightest attention to pop culture, Kirk “Banana fallacy” Cameron’s underwhelming tour de force Saving Christmas swept the Razzies, winning four Golden Raspberries: Worst Film, Worst Actor, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Combo (the combo being Kirk and his over-sized ego).

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