On Being “That Girl”

This, alas, is not a post about the wonderful 1960s sitcom “That Girl.” It is a post about being “that girl,” i.e., the only black girl in the room. Or the building for that matter.

Recently, I saw this article on the Atlantic site:


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The Benedict Option Again

I’ve been rather busy these last couple of months, so I only just saw this predictably apocalyptic column from Rod Dreher that came out after the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling:


I’ve discussed the absurdity of the Benedict Option before, so I won’t rehash those arguments. Instead, I’ll focus on Dreher’s belief that these isolated “Benedict communities” will one day spring forth and take back civilization once us decadent secularists foul everything up.

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As I’ve mentioned before, many if not most of the families at St F homeschooled. There was an unspoken belief among the homeschooling families that home education was the only reliably “Catholic” form of education, since the public schools had always been “anti-Catholic” and the post-Vatican II Catholic school system was untrustworthy. Numerous threads on sites like “Fish Eater Forums” and “Catholic Answers Forum” back up this view that the parents should be the primary influence on the education of their children, whether in the secular or the religious realm.

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Thoughts on Sex Abuse and Traditionalism

During a potluck at St F, I once had a lengthy conversation with a homeschooling mom who regaled me with tales about why the Girl Scouts were a hotbed of Marxism and secular humanism and other culture war scare stories (as an aside, I have to mention that I was a Girl Scout for ten years and if that organization was as radical as she claimed, I would have been a lot more into attending meetings). In any event, she mentioned that one of her sons went to an all-boys Catholic boarding school run by the FSSP and she would be seeing him to the airport in a few days. I didn’t think much of this information until a few years ago, when I idly Googled the school and discovered that it had closed amid a lurid sex abuse scandal:

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Are the Kids Alright? The Missing Children of St F

Throughout my entire tenure at St F, I taught CCD classes at a variety of levels, from pre-school to Confirmation. The last time I went to St F was back in 2009. This means that the little kids I was teaching for First Communion in 2005 are now thirteen and fourteen years old. Although that realization makes me feel “old” in a way, I sometimes find myself wondering what happened to those kids. Are any of them rebelling? Are the boys being roped into considering “a vocation”? Do their families still go to St F or did they jump ship for the SSPX parish or another institution? Is college going to be an option for any of these children? Do they obsess over “life issues” and “liturgical abuses”? Will they ever get the chance to read brilliant but completely anti-clerical novels like Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”? Do they ever interact with kids outside of the trad bubble? I suppose there’s no way to know this, but it’s something I wonder about it.

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