This is a blog in which I chronicle my odd journey from secular humanist to Catholic traditionalist and back again. This blog will hopefully also be a place for other Catholic de-converts to tell their stories and explain what philosophies motivate them today. I will also provide commentary on religious and current affairs news of a general sort and post other examples of my work that have appeared elsewhere.

Originally from Atlanta, GA, I am currently a PhD student at Boston University’s religion program. My writings reflect my interest in putting religious and intellectual movements in their proper historical context, rather than simply seeing them as disembodied ideas that have no real world consequences. I also want to raise awareness around issues pertaining to asexuality/asexuals, particularly in terms of what the implications of this misunderstood sexual orientation might be for theologically conservative communities. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are solely mine, and do not reflect those of Boston University, the Boston University religion section, or any other entity.

Thank you for reading.

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    1. I used to attend a Latin Mass parish and engage in many of the devotions associated with the pre-Vatican II period. I’ve written about it at length elsewhere on this blog.


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