3 thoughts on “The Pope Doesn’t Care About You

  1. Of course. He’s the Pope. He’s the effin’ Pope. That’s what popes do. And this guy, he became Pope for reasons. He wouldn’t have been voted in if he were pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-contraception, pro-freedom. He was voted in because he’s pro-Catholic Church and doctrine. That’s not progressive at all.

    Understandably, people thought this guy was progressive, especially comparing with his predecessor, who was a PR nightmare (not to mention looking like Palpatine… hey, it counts; people judge based on looks). This new guy looks like a nice grandpa, and talks well, makes jokes. He’s good PR for the Catholic Church. But that’s all it is: PR. Marketing. Smoke and mirrors. Same shit, different packaging. People should not be surprised on his stance on real issues. It’s the Catholic Church, folks; business as usual.

    This Pope is an amazing PR person, I admit that. But that speaks enough on what I think about him as a person.


    1. Indeed. Liberals, conservatives, and traditionalists all seem to share the same naive hope that “if only the pope knew” about X, Y, or Z that things would be different somehow. It’s sort of like how the peasants in Tsarist Russia thought that “if the Tsar knew,” their lot in life would be different. Of course, he knew and didn’t care, preferring to spend his time hunting and cosplaying as a medieval Muscovite, which is one reason why there is no tsar today. Unfortunately, many people are socialized to expect poor treatment from their religious organization, which is why I doubt the papacy will go the way of the Russian tsar anytime soon.

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